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Here are four top tips from SEO experts

Optimizing your website for maximum benefit for search engines used to be as simple as creating a large number of links to your page. Often these links would include all kinds of totally unrelated information, i.e. links from diet supplement sites to your locksmith site. These tactics became obsolete when Google modified their search algorithm to disregard and sometimes even penalize links from topically unrelated sites. Today’s SEO experts agree that building quality content AND having topically sound links makes for a powerful SEO strategy.SEO experts

Let’s look at the four tips SEO experts use for their clients. These can help you with your own website optimization.

  1. Appropriate use of search key words

    Your readers are searching for your information. Make sure your article and page have the appropriate topic key words implemented and strategically placed. If your article is about “home made summer sausage”, use it in the title, head lines and sprinkled throughout the article. Avoid overuse as that will cause a penalty from the search engines.

  2. Provide a logical and easy to use navigation menu

    Once your readers are on your page, they may want to learn more information. Providing a logical and simple navigation menu will insure that they have the tools necessary to stay on your website, thus increasing the “time on page” and lowering what SEO experts call “bounce rate,” the speed at which a page visitor departs your site. This is actually just good website design principles.

  3. Use citations and references to good quality, authoritative articles

    Making references or citations to known experts lends good credence to your article. It shows your readers that you didn’t just come up with this stuff out of the air. Many people link to Wikipedia to help their readers understand from where the information they are reading is derived. SEO experts use this strategy often when promoting an online marketing site.

  4. Use social media to the fullest

    The biggest tip from many local SEO experts is to use the power of Facebook, Google+, twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Instagram and more to promote your new article and website. Engaging your customers in a thoughtful and fun way will often cause a significant burst in site visits from not only your “friends”, but with their friends and many others who may be interested in what you are promoting and discussing. If you do not have at minimum the six above mentioned social media properties for your page, you are missing out on significant opportunities for your website and business.

Summary of SEO experts tips and tricks

Here it is in a nutshell: use the topical keywords of your page or article, make it easy for your readers to navigate, show you have worthy content for your reader by citing your references, and last but certainly not least, use the power of social media to promote your page and website.

If you follow these 4 tips, you will start seeing some very good results for your page when people search for your topic in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Here’s a video from SEO experts in Plano TX that explains SEO in a visual manner.