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Keyword research, the do-it-yourself way

You have your website and you are pleased with how bright and shiny it is. Now all you have to do is open the door and they will come flooding in. You flip the switch, turn on the lights, and wait. Nothing happens. Nobody shows up. How did this happen? No one knew where to find you. You built your site around “hammer” when buyers and searchers really wanted “what’s the best tool to drive a nail?” So here is and no one is looking at all the shiny hammers.

Revamping the site with keyword research

Did you see my example? If the site is about hammer, but everyone is searching what tool to drive a nail, your keywords might be wrong. There are several tools to use for keyword research. The first and free one to use is on Google Adwords. Once you get the hang of the information Google provides, you’ll be referring back to this tool often. You can further your keyword research with another free tool found at

These tools work by putting in your seed words, and then letting them research the trends that have been occurring using words or phrases based on your seed words. Once you get the information, you will want to keep on your keyword research and drill down into the data. You want to look for keywords that are often used, but have lower number of sites that use those keywords. Now you have something from your keyword research that can help you increase the traffic to your site.

Paid tools for keyword research

This is in no way to be considered an exhaustive listing of available paid tools, just some that I am aware of and have used. My first paid tool for keyword research is Market Samurai. This tool does a significant amount of work for you. Additionally, it has lots of training videos and features that will have you an expert in keyword research in no time at all.

Okay, you are now one step closer. Sprinkle these keywords that you discovered using your keyword research into your web page and just watch what happens. It won’t be long until those searchers of tools to drive nails will be clicking on your site like there’s no tomorrow. And to think, you did it with some good keyword research.