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Cheap flasks are quite easy to find. You can search at your local liquor or package store, or even at Target. They won’t have a very wide selection, and in many cases they won’t even have any flasks at all.

Online you can search some of the big end shops like Amazon, ebay or etsy. You can find cheap flasks, but you can also find some flasks that aren’t so cheap. Let’s face it, many times you are going to use a flask just to sneak some prohibited adult beverage into a place where it’s not supposed to be. And this is NOT a recommended activity by this author. However, if you are looking for a cheap flask, we have some places to look.

cheap flasksThis is our favorite online source. First, they have a fairly wide selection. You can get flasks for women, flasks for groomsmen, and flasks for bikers. Not to mention some humorous flasks and some really strange flasks (like a TWO GALLON flask!)

They have great customer service, and they don’t jack up the shipping price. One thing they don’t have is engraving, but that’s because engraving makes a flask about $15 extra and most of their flasks are UNDER $6. I mean we are talking about cheap flasks, right?

Head on over to

cheap flasksThis new store has the same lineup as, but they also seem to have a classier look and feel. They also have a good selection of other items. So if you are trying to influence the boss, this might be the place to check out.

Give them a shot at