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Step one in getting your website search engine optimized is to start on your home page. The sub step is to work on the inner pages of your website.

Getting these pages optimized includes

  • Making sure the pages are mobile friendly
  • Including content that reflects the purpose of the page and site
    • Highlight important words and phrases with meta tags for headlines, bold, underline and italics
    • Include interesting and accurate images, videos and other elements that make your page easy and pleasing to the user.
  • Placing accurate and correctly marked up data providing contact information.
    • For local businesses, name, address, and phone (NAP) is critical
    • Use mark-up for better accessibility by the search engines
  • Creating logical flow for menus and navigation

Many time, following just these steps can improve your search engine ranking position (serp) enough to top your competitors.

Social engagement includes all of the processes and strategies to do exactly as implied in the title, engage your prospects, clients and customers via social media. The plan is to create that bond between your business and your audience to build trust and confidence. People tend to do business with places they trust and with whom have a relationship.


Online Reputation Management. Managing what people say about you online is becoming more and more diverse. It’s not necessarily complicated, but with the rise of so many review sites, managing your reputation is a daunting task. The Forum System will help you with ideas and strategies on how to harness the power of online reviews to positively promote your business.

4 Tips SEO Experts Use For Their Clients

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