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If you are a business owner in Plano, Texas and have a website to promote your business, your next step is how to reach your target market. You will need a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in order to make your site more visible on Google. They can help you achieve this goal. With our services, you are able to rank higher on major search engines and dominate your competition.


A company called Total Online Marketing in Plano provides complete online marketing services.Being one of the top online marketing companies in Plano, Texas, they provide strategies to boost your site’s search engine rankings.


For local online marketing strategy, they do the following:


  1. Optimize your website: They will do some tweaks in your website to make it friendly for the visitors and for the search engines to navigate.


Use responsive themes so that your visitors can access it well regardless of the device theyare using.


  1. Social Media presence: Utilize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to promote your site.


  1. Accurate map citations: They make sure that the address location they associate with your business is consistent for all online maps and citations.


  1. Good Quality content: They provide interesting and relevant content that is free from duplicates. This may be in the form of images, videos and written word.


These are informational articles that provide value to your visitors.


These are the steps that are being practiced by the staff of Total Online Marketing. With their vast experience in local SEO, they design a strategy that is specific to the needs of your website, business plans, as well as marketing efforts. It is a custom designed plan that aims to increase your search engine rankings and increase visitors also.


To complete such local online marketing strategy, they also make use of various social media platforms. Their practice of online reputation management often overwhelms a lot of businesses. This is an important aspect of local online marketing and by working it with them;your business will have maximum exposure with limited risk.Their award winning tips will get your business name and brand to be recognized properly in the social media arena. Primarily, they make use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest.


Thus, if your website needs reconditioning, Total Online Marketing has a professional staff to turn your website the best it can be. All important aspects of the website are being accounted for. These include correct location citations, key search term optimization, easy onsite navigation,website design, and other factors about on-page optimization.


Moreover, they also employ effective link building strategies that will drive more traffic to your website. They find high quality sites to link information related to your business. All our practices are white hat and in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines.


To help you out with your business, visit their site at their services, you’ll see the difference before and after.